Open the Door to Your Future

Susan M.Larson, M.Ed, NCC - Transition/Reinvention Coach

Process of Reinvention

Learn about Yourself

  • Evaluate your Values, Call, Legacy, Passions, Strengths, Skills, Motivators/Drivers, Preferences, Solicit Feedback
  • Look for themes, dreams, glass balls, rubber balls
  • New Learning

Question the Givens

  • Formulate new criteria for making decisions
  • What are your parameters in terms of family responsibilities, financial limits, physical limits, geographic ties?
  • How do I and others view myself and how would I like to tweak this in the future?

Discover Options

  • Broaden your possibilities, think out of the box
  • Brainstorm based on the first two steps
  • Research online, informational interview, shadow

Evaluate "Fit"

  • Narrow the field of options
  • What will be the role of meaningful work and amount of time, configuration of work, level of risk, training needed?
  • What options align with the new givens, and what I know about myself, and are open/growing areas?
  • Experiment, try something on eg. Intern

Plan Action

  • Draw on your Blueprint from Steps 1-4 and formulate Short Term and Long Term Goals with actions to be taken and a timeline

Move Forward

  • Implement the Goals, on a daily, weekly basis with ongoing evaluation, preparing for detours, and increase network, building in rewards, look for mentor, traveling companion on new path forward.