Open the Door to Your Future

Susan M.Larson, M.Ed, NCC - Transition/Reinvention Coach

Process of Reinvention

Learn about Yourself

  • Evaluate your Values, Call, Legacy, Passions, Strengths, Skills, Motivators/Drivers, Preferences, Solicit Feedback
  • Look for themes, dreams, glass balls, rubber balls
  • New Learning

Question the Givens

  • Formulate new criteria for making decisions
  • What are your parameters in terms of family responsibilities, financial limits, physical limits, geographic ties?
  • How do I and others view myself and how would I like to tweak this in the future?

Discover Options

  • Broaden your possibilities, think out of the box
  • Brainstorm based on the first two steps
  • Research online, informational interview, shadow

Evaluate "Fit"

  • Narrow the field of options
  • What will be the role of meaningful work and amount of time, configuration of work, level of risk, training needed?
  • What options align with the new givens, and what I know about myself, and are open/growing areas?
  • Experiment, try something on eg. Intern

Plan Action

  • Draw on your Blueprint from Steps 1-4 and formulate Short Term and Long Term Goals with actions to be taken and a timeline

Move Forward

  • Implement the Goals, on a daily, weekly basis with ongoing evaluation, preparing for detours, and increase network, building in rewards, look for mentor, traveling companion on new path forward.

Getting Started:

The Life Planning Wheel


The Life Planning Wheel

The Life Planning Wheel is useful to pinpoint 8 key aspects of our lives to focus on and use to evaluate and realign for optimal living as we mature. We can use this wheel to see what aspects of our lives need our most immediate attention/time and also evaluate our satisfaction with each of these aspects going forward and where we desire to make needed changes.


Getting Started:

We often start off by focusing on what you come in knowing and where you are in either a planned or unplanned transition period in your life. Using William Bridge's Transition Model and the Life Planning Wheel (see above), we partner to customize your transiton/reinvention process, deciding where to begin addressing pressing needs/priorities) and the best approach, pace and resources to utilize.

Individuals gain the most in the coaching partnership when they can set aside time to work on the process between coaching meetings and when they employ the 3 R's: Rapport Building, Resourcefulness, Resilience/Resolve.